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Vintage Rawhide Lamp Shades

This is a preserves the vibrancy and style of you r8 home8 when delivered in top quality shade8, make sure each and every one of these shades comes from the highest quality materials and offers an unequaled amount of color to provide the look you need. This lamp is produced of high quality materials and offers a top-rated amount of color to provide the look you need, it is a best-in-class investment and will give your home8 the look you need.

Top 10 Vintage Rawhide Lamp Shades

This is a valuable Vintage arts and crafts era lamp shade that is bell shaped and gives a Rawhide cord, it is manufactured from a type of leather that is typically used for carrying handguns. This lamp shade is a splendid surrogate for a smallish room or for use as a natural light source in a small room, this is a beautiful Vintage Rawhide lamp shade. It grants some wear but is still in top-notch condition, the whipstitch leather is a beautiful deep black. The lamp handle is produced of high-quality leather and is comfortable to hold, the 10 inch iron wick is a natural gas engine, which makes this lamp all the more exciting. The lamp is terrific for a room with a dark atmosphere, this contemporary Rawhide lamp shade is a first-class alternative for a modern look. It's made of durable plastic and imparts an 6-inch diameter, making it a small enough size that it can fit in most small spaces, it also renders an 4 x6-inchsherbert shade valuable for a small room. This is a wonderful Vintage Rawhide lamp shade! It is a shade measuring 19 inches in diameter and is standing 12 inches tall, it is in excellent condition with only a few used minutes on the market. This shade is a peerless deal at $50.