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Velvet Lamp Shades

This is a beautiful victorian trading co. Shade! I love thecest of all of their shades! It is perfect for a upscale indoorscapes home. It is also great for a bright outdoorscapes home. This shade has a chiffon fringe on the top which gives it a stylish look.

Velvet Lamp Shade

There’s a reason why the gothic style is becoming increasingly popular in modern times. The style is law and order with a touch ofmodernity. what’s more, there are all sorts of different shades of velvet lamp shade available on the market. So if you’re looking for a shade that will add a little extra depth and width to your room, you can't go wrong with a velvet lamp shade. some of our favorite velvet lamp shades include: -Black: a black velvet lamp shade will add a touch of black extra width and depth to your desk room. -Red: a red velvet lamp shade will add a touch of color to your walls and your day-to-day life. -Green: a green velvet lamp shade will add a touch of green to your home and the room itself. -Blue: a blue velvet lamp shade will add a touch of blue to your life. and of course, there’s the classic black or red vance lamp shade. These shades are perfect for any room with a touch of modernity. so if you’re looking for a shade to add just a little extra width and depth to your space, the gothic style is perfect for you. And with a choice of several different shades, you can find the shade that looks best on your room.

Gold Velvet Lamp Shade

This is a great value for the money! The shades are different shades of gray, and make a great transitional piece from the main color of the velvet lamp shade. The sconces are clip ons, so they can be removed for any use, or reused. They are also a good quality, low-cost option. this vintage dark green velvet drum lamp shade is perfect to give your room a new look. The shade has delicate beading and chain-work around the capitals of the words "chandelier" in deep blue velvet. The lamp is fitted with 6 chandelier-style crystals and finished with a deep blue velvet hanger. this set has five different shades of velveteen chandelier lamp shades with ruffled trim. Each piece is a different color with a different trimmings, including tassels. These shadows are perfect for any room with a bit of spice. There is an openable case with a photo inside that shows one version of a shadow with tassels. Another version has no tassels and is just a light blue. These shadows are a great way to add a pop of color to any room. this velvet lamp shades set is a great option if you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your table lamp design. With a versatile color change that can be turned on or off, this set offers a unique and fun look for any setting.