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Translucent Lamp Shade Material

This is an 2 pcs transparent gauze lamp shade clip-bulb light cover for light shade lamp, it is manufactured of lightweight materials, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It renders a brand-new design that is translucent, making it look and feel more elegant, the light shade lamp with this clip-bulb light cover will give your light shade an extra edge.

Translucent Lamp Shade Material Ebay

This is an 2 pcs transparent gauze lamp shade clip-bulb light cover, it presents a light shade that is translucent, making it look like a lightbulb. It is manufactured of durable materials, such as metal and plastic, the light shade is straightforward to clean and is fantastic for keeping light in your home. It is practical for your illuminate your room with a bit of light, the shade is manufactured of Translucent gauze and gives a built-in light. It is an excellent addition to your home office or home, this light-up book with its own light is fabricated of Translucent paper that can be used as a lamp shade. The light shines through the text on the page and in the light, creating a beautiful light show, it features a light shade and a bulb cover. The light shade is translucent, while the bulb cover is thick and grants a mechanical grip, it can fix the light shade on the light cover in a surrogate that without any problem.