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Tole Lamp Shades

Looking for a stylish and environmentally-friendly substitute to power your work area? Try a hand-blown glass window in shades of red, green, and blue! The result is a modern take on the lamp shade, with its stylish features and simple design, this item is a top-grade substitute to show off your skills in an unique way.

Tole Lamp Shades Amazon

These pair of Tole lamp shades was created with your favorite's in mind, with a sleek, all- accountability for the Tole black paint job, these shades will adds a touch of luxury to all room. These shades are also enticing for a quick, uncomplicated entrance into the night - with a small bit of add-on of paint, you can add a touch of dignity to each room, Tole shade 14 is a versatile shade that can be used for a number of different ways. It can be used as a natural color for your décor or as an add-on item to your decor, this is a first rate searching lamp shade with an unique Tole ware butterscotch yellow color. The shade grants 11"l x 6"w clips on it, and it is 11"l x 6"w for a very strong clap, the shade also imparts a modern look to it, being a clip on type rather than the traditional take ware type. This is a hand-painted, vintage small Tole red metal lamp shade, it is fabricated of high-quality plastic and offers an unique design. It is a valuable addition to each room.