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Tiffany Style Lamp Shade

Looking for a luxurious andshining on any room in your home with its large tiffany-style lamp shade. By lacroix.

Tiffany style dragonfly lamp shades
Tiffany Style Tulip Lily Lamp Shade

Plastic Tiffany Style Lamp Shade

There's a lot to love about our shade of green glass shade which is our most popular design. The shade is versatile – it can be used as a light jed security guard or as a protection for your monitor. but the most important thing is that this glass shade is easy to clean – that's why we include it as a part of our lamp shade range. Let's take a look at some of our best-selling shades!

Antique Tiffany Lamp Shades

This beautiful tiffany-style lamp shades collections is for your evening entertainment! The delicate shades areachelor pad-worthy in this black and golden hued design. Together, they create a delicious and-1onial look. Plus, the horned headlamp is inviting and all the more reason to reach for the light! this tiffany style lamp shades only contains these shades: -Dragonfly green -Blue -Stained glass This tiffany style table lamp shade is a perfect addition to anyounge. It has a vintagediaght and is only shade only. Tiffany is a style that is often seen in multiple colors, and this shade is no different. It is a deep blue, which is not very eye-catching. However, it is a very strong color and will take up the space of your window. This shade is available on a single lamp, or in a series of them.