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Thro Home By Marlo Lorenz Lamp Shade

This lamp shade is outstanding for your tropical home! With a cool lamp shade, you'll be able to find light in the dark like a beautiful, new shade for any black or black-colored home! It's first-rate for the tropical wanting side of your home.

Thro Lamp Shade

This respiratory-friendly, tropical-inspired lamp shade is best-in-the-class for your home's decor, with it spink flamingo black outfitters shade, you can add a pop of color to all space. This 15 inch high lamp shade is sensational for your tropical Home decor, it renders a black flamingo barque design and is manufactured of high-quality, durable materials. It is facile to order and is sure to make your Home look external and beautiful, this beautiful pink flamingo black white drum lamp shades are great for any home! With its stylish shades, you'll use it for a long time. The tropical fruit tone of the lamp makes it unrivaled for any room, the shades also have a professional look to them, making this is a fantastic add-on to home. This is a beautiful black flamingo with a white drum lamp shade, the shade is new and grants a symbol of a drum on it. The shades are white and black, both having a modern look and feel, the overall look is tropical and sheen is high. This shade is a top-of-the-line substitute for a tropical Home or any type of Home with a drum.