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Star Lamp Shade

This Star lamp shade is unrivalled for your farmhouse or primitive home, it is soft and colorful and will add a touch of luxury to your space.

Stars Lamp Shade

This Star pendant lamp shade is fabricated of ikea Star pendant lamp shade leaf pattern 28 105, 95 - new. It renders an 28 mm pattern and it is produced of wood, the shade is left-to-right blocking power and it is attached with a brass clip. The light itself is a small, golden Star with a green light up each side, the pendant is left-to-right blocking power and it is attached with a brass clip. This is a cross-section view of the Star pendants that are ikea Star pendant lamp shade lace white 28 205, 83 - new. The Star pendants are made of metal and have circle stars on them, and the circle lightbulb is fabricated of light-colored glass, the ikea Star pendant lamp shade white lace 28 105. 32 is a first-rate surrogate for night lights, with its stylish shades, you will make your home look complete and important. We offer a wide variety of metal lamp shades, from sleek and high-quality shades that will make your home come out as striking as your design, to basics that are will help you to buy a new lamp or light up your room for this season, with so many options on hand, you're sure to find a practical one to suit your needs. Whether you're digging for a simple design or a complicated one with a lot of elements, we've got you covered, we've also got a variety of different types of metal, so you can find a first-class shade for your needs. We've got any type of light you need, from the bright and vibrant soft led lights, to the more obscure and difficult to marketable "no light" shades, we've also got the necessary picky types of light fittings to make your light complete, and we've got everything you need to make your dream home look great.