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Retro Drum Lamp Shades

This groovy looking drum lamp is perfect if you're looking for a bit of fun on your way to work! The stylish shades will add a touch of fun to any room, and if you're a fan of music you can add some of the mellower shades to your collection. This one is perfect for all your drum lamp needs!

Retro Lamp Shades

If you're in the market for a unique and stylish lamp, the retro shade is perfect for you! Whether you're looking for light-based lamps or traditional shades of grey, there's a retro lamp out there that's perfect for your needs. Whether you're looking for a lightening action or a relaxing time with friends, so get out there and find one of your own!

Retro Style Lamp Shades

Our retro style lamp shades are perfect for any room! With their pleated eggshell 4 inch retro drum chandelier lamp shades, you can add a touch of retro flavor to any décor. Whether you’re looking to add a touch ofrioran style to your room with our shades or buy some for use in your home, we have you covered! this 6 shade set of antique lamp shades is perfect for any room! It's perfect for the accuracy day and the let's all go out day. These shades come with awicker chandelier lamp shade set of 6 shades 5 inch retro drum. looking for a unique and fun lamp shade? check out our custom made lamp shade for your retro lamp! Assorted colors and many options available for a perfect shade. Ships quickly - just 10 business days for an orders over $50. This is a beautiful blondie table lamp shades bedside lampshades andceiling lights. This would make a great addition to any room, and would add some extra light into a space. The beautiful shades can be purchased as part of a set, or you can purchase them individually.