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Philadelphia Eagles Lamp Shade

This shade is unequaled for the Philadelphia eagles, it is soft and.

Eagles Lamp Shade

This shade is manufactured with 100% recycled materials and will help light up your Eagles game or home office in the right substitute up, the cool eagle fabric lamp shade is conjointly handcrafted and finished with a durable mind share. Keep your team digging like a 'real' team while attending to your football needs, this is a homemade Eagles lamp shade from Philadelphia Eagles fans. This shade is manufactured from a combination of wood, straw, and felt, it is manufactured to look like the team's logo and is top-of-the-line for than adding a touch of luxury to all room in your house. Our shade is a first-class fit for the Philadelphia eagles, made from 100% hand-made, durable illumine fabric, it imparts a bright and lamp shade. It is a top-grade selection for any room in your home, details: - 100% hand-made illumine fabric - bright and shade - stroll around with ease and still look stylish - effortless to put together and take care of - stylish and stylish alternatively, we have the similar lamp shade for less: Eagles lamp shade - how much does it cost? We offer a variety of lamp shades for less, all of which are made from 100% hand-madeincerity fabric. But conceding that wanting for a specific shade, we've got you covered, we have the same lamp shade for less, the Philadelphia Eagles lamp shade. It's a practical selection for any room in your home, and it's effortless to put together and take care of, this Philadelphia Eagles lamp shade is produced from grove on by the team's members. It is a top-rated shade for your room or room of your choice, it is conjointly compatible with most flush mount ceiling mounts.