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Metal Lamp Shade

This is a Metal lamp shade that we have left out of our work shop because it's a bit too bright for the general public, our customers are often wanting for shade options that are unfamiliar or simply not very affordable. and who knows, maybe one day they will be called to handle this shade! So we've decided to offer it at a discounted price.

Metal Lamp Shades For Table Lamps

This is an exceptional gift for the Metal lamp lover in your life! This Metal lamp shade is fabricated with an 14-foot thread count uni-directional wire and is threaded on one side for basic installation, the shade finis hed with a relief carved design and an 14-foot fine point chain, vintage Metal toleware replacement lamp shade is an ideal substitute for any metal-clad desk. This is an extra large lamp shades for floor lamps, it is excellent for use with a candle. The shades can be attached using a clip and they will light up with the light, the brass digging tired but still beautiful will make a top-of-the-line addition to room. This metallic lamp shade is fabricated with two reverse-piped glass lens with a Metal base, the glass is a warm, golden-hued material that makes for a beautiful light show. It is available in two sizes, with an excellent fit for any décor, this beautiful shade is produced of blue Metal leaf and offers a stylish design. It is a beneficial addition to all room in your home and facile to set up, the Metal leaf presents a stylish design and is an outstanding addition to each room in your home.