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Metal Cone Lamp Shade

This luxurious metal cone lamp shade is a great addition to your home décor. This piece has a stylish industrial style light shade that can be used in any room. The shade has a sleek, modern look and is easy to set up. The black porcelain is perfect for any room. This shade has a beautiful, modern look.

Metal Lamp Shade Parts

The shade parts of a metal lamp are now ready to use. We need the following pieces to complete the design: . the first step is to find the right pieces. You will need the light source, the shade, and the cover. the light source is the piece that burns witness. You will need this to create the lightoleum light. . the shade is the part that is in the shape of the metal lamp shade. It should be a simple design with lots of color. the cover is the part that covers the metal lamp shade. now that the design is complete, it's time to put it all together. You will need the screws, the drill, and the nails. the screws are needed to tallen the design to the correct shape. The drill allows you to go through the different parts of the metal lamp shade. The nails allow you to connect the different pieces. now that the main part of the shade is in place, it's time to add in the minor pieces. You will need the hangers, the screws, and the nails. after the main part is in place,

Small Metal Lamp Shade

This small metal lamp shade is made of enamel and it has a green metal industrial lamp shade look. It is a good choice for any lamp shade needs. The shade has a small everything shade width of 14 inches and it is finished with a two-tone finish. the design laboratory lamp shade is a perfect addition to any room. It is stylish and perfect in any setting, making a perfect addition to any home. With its vintage green and white industrial look, this shade will add a touch of luxuriousness to any room. this is a beautiful, stylish and functional outdoor metal lamp shade. It is made of tension pole lamp cone shade and is brown in color. It is perfect for a professional or dark environment. this is a great value brown rattan shade metal cone lamp. The 16w x 10 h bulb is perfect for any size room. It's also a good choice for those who love their lamps with color. This shade is with a black metal finish and will give your lamp that perfect old-school look.