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Lamp Shade With Finial Fitting

This lamp Finial brass plated loop With 38 18 ip thread to tailor lamp pipe is an exceptional way for your lamp shade, it is manufactured of brass plated, and fits perfectly With the rest of your lamp paraphernalia.

Lamp Shade With Finial Fitting Amazon

This lamp shade extends a Finial Fitting that lets you put a light on the hanger for reading, the shade also extends a built-in light and an all-in-one design. The lamp shade is an excellent addition to a table floor light, and it can be customized to tailor different colors and shapes, this lamp shade provides a brass finished loop With an 38 18 ip thread that fits perfectly over the lamp. This shade also renders a Finial Fitting that allows the ultimate in luxury and style, this is a lamp shade With a Finial fitting. It offers a harp holders With Finial light chain, this shade is good for holding lamps With finials. The harp holder presents a beautiful design and can perfectly shadow the object you're reading from.