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Lamp Shade Texture

This is a vintage ivory textured linen drum barrel lamp shade 15 h x 13 that's it for our descriptions.

Lamp Shade Texture Ebay

This vintage shade of glass hanging lamp is unrivalled to add a touch of art to your space, the 9 textured shades will give your room a modern edge. This lamp is likewise facile to clean, being able to be with regular use, this fabric shade is manufactured of a sturdy, high-quality, dark tan fabric. It is a top addition to room, or fabric mix-in for a different feel, this shade is a good surrogate for lamps, and other small objects. This is tone of up-to-date lamp courtesy of fancy, this shade is fabricated of gold filigree and is lower decor beige textured. It is available in grey and green, this is a lamp shade clip on set of 6 black Texture lamps. It is excellent for a basic adding a different tone to your space.