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Lamp Shade Cover

This torchiere floor lamp shade globe replacement frosted glass cover is 4. 75h x 12d. It is perfect for a new floor lamp or desk. The cover is in great condition and looks great. This is a great addition to your home office.

Glass ceiling light cover

Glass ceiling light cover

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Lamp Shade Covers

Lamp shade covers are a great way to protect your lightbox from weather and thiefs. They can also keep the noise of the light and lightening from happening. Some people also use them to keep the lightbox clean because often times there is only so much dirt and dust that can be found on the surface of the lightbox before the cover starts to make a noise.

Lamp Shade Coverings

This is a great choice for those looking for a versatile and stylish lamp shade. The cover is made from a lightweight fabric that can be easily turned up so that it forms a high level of protection on the floor. Additionally, there is a built-in macro lens that allows for easy viewing of in-game footage. this beautiful amber shade is perfect to replace the broken glass shade on your chandelier pendant light. It is also affordable and easy to use. this is a glossy white glass banker lamp shade cover replacement lampshade for desk lamps. It is a great cover for when the weather gets cold and your desk is too cold to use the light. This shade also fit for the new lampshade series from the company. this clear glass shade cover 2. 25 opening is perfect for a ceiling fan. It is bell shaped and has a 4 pack clear glass logo. The cover is made of beefy materials and is made to protect your ceiling fan. It is a great addition to any room and perfect for keeping the noise down.