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Lamp Shade Adapters

Looking for a substitute to add a lamp shade to your existing kit? This straightforward to adopt clip on light bulb adapter will take care of the rest! Add a shade to your home decor or use it as an addition to your mix.

Lamp Shade Adapter

This is a peerless opportunity to get a new look for your lightbulb and the shade is attached to the front of the lightbulb with a clip onn concluding with a finial top black 2 pack, the shade is top black 2 pack and is fabricated of plastic, metal, and cloth. It is facile to install and is produced to tailor within the design of your lightbulb, the lamp shade bulb clip adapter is puissant for attaching to a light bulb (either light or dark), to help light up your space. The clip is manufactured of sturdy plastic and offers a silver finish to it, making it looks like the right substitute for any room, it can easily be attached to a wall or countertop with a small bit of effort. This 4 pack -lamp shade light bulb clip-on adapter clip w shade attaching finial top is a terrific substitute to add a little extra light to your lamps without needing a dedicated light bulb, the clip on adapter effortless to handle and installation is simple. The shade is a thin plastic with a clip on it that can be placed anywhere in the room, the light is output from the lamp in a substitute that is comfortable for both eyes. The shade is a sterling substitute to help forgotten the light or to give a specific light number to a specific room in your house, this is a clip on bulb lamp shade holder adapter that can be used to hold a variety of lamp shade types. The finial cap shade holder can also be used to.