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Jadeite Lamp Shade

This is a beautiful Jadeite lamp shade with art deco features, the floor lamp provides a steuben democrat art deco design and the age-hued shade is top-quality for any room.

Jadeite Lamp Shade Walmart

This is a beautiful green glass vanity with a cool Jadeite shade, the surface extends a bit of a heirloom look to it with some anniversary decor. The edge is in unequaled condition with no cracks or damage, the size is? S off putting? Ly? ? This lamp shade is a beautiful, 1930's-era lamp shade made of porcelain and agate. The color is a deep blue, and it looks beautiful in any light, it is furthermore by a lamb's wing on one side, and an agate temple on the other. This lamp shade is first-rate for a bright, bright home, this Jadeite lamp shade is an unequaled addition to each room. It is stylish and fun and will add a touch of luxury to décor, this is a beautiful and unique lamp shade! The marbling on the brass is beautiful and the green slag glass shade is perfect. Overall, a beautiful lamp that will add style to each room.