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Heat Resistant Material For Lamp Shade

With a Heat Resistant material, you can protect your product from damage, this lamp can be made with ease with a Heat Resistant material. It will protect against stress and damage, making it a more reliable product.

Cheap Heat Resistant Material For Lamp Shade

This Heat Resistant Material For lamp shade is prime For any type of door or window, it is11" l x 3" w x 1" h and is designed to resist Heat to help keep your light chimney in use. This shade is again adjustable to tailor a variety of sizes, this 3-light retro foyer pendant light cage is produced of Heat Resistant metal For your lamp shade. It's adjustable to suit your light perfectly, and it'll make your room look eerily chic, plus, it comes with a function light and a power light. It is a cellular l shape with an 13 3-light cage pendant light cylindrical foyer lamp led metal shade adjustable, the beneficial width For either a narrow foyer or large space, this Material is moreover facile to control and adjust. With its tough construction and clear coat, you can be confident that your lamp shade is Resistant to even the most aggressive weathering, order your Heat Resistant Material today.