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Fringed Lamp Shades

This lovely european inspired lamp shade is manufactured from beads and embroidered velvet, this lamp is a good substitute for a stylish bedroom or living room. The beautiful shades lamp shade peerless for any room that need to add a touch of luxury, this Fringed lamp shade is first-rate for a more esoteric or as a general luxury addition. The unique and unique wanting shade is manufactured from thread and beaded fringe, it is a fantastic addition to each room and is splendid for counts as an extravagance. This lovely victorian inspired lamp shade is an unrivaled surrogate for a stylish bedroom or living room, the shades are lamp shade made from thread and beaded fringes. This shade is a first-rate deal especially because it is an unique and antique inspired shade, the shades are lamp shades made from thread and beaded fringes.

2 Vintage Brass Pierced Metal Candle Lamp Shades, with Amber Glass Beaded Fringe
Ivory Silk Damask Fringe French Boudoir Lampshade Victorian Vintage
S Salmon/white Fabric/peach Trim & Bead Fringe
S With Fringe Bell Shape Dome Floral

Pair Of 2 Vintage Victorian

By Unbranded


With Beaded Fringe

Vintage Fringe Lamp Shade

This set includes 2 vintage fringe lamp shades, style tassel fringe, and a gold wine bottle flutter, the lamp is produced of metal and gives a sleek look to it. This set is a terrific alternative to add a touch of luxury to your room décor, this vtg victorian pink shade-length table lamp gives a rich pink color. It is fabricated of brass and grants a long fringe, the fringe makes the lamp look like it extends a green and pink the table lamp is in like manner facile to clean because it presents a built-in cleaner. The shades come with a stylish fringe on each side which gives the lamp a modern touch, they are also with jade green color in the light blue hue. The fringe should be arranged in a nodding fashion, so that the lamp looks in keeping with the overall look of the room, this rich tiffany beaded lamp shade is enticing to add a touch to all room. With its braid of lace-work threading through each of its graduated mottled glass shade trees, this table lamp is sure to please, and with its sleek, if a bit unconventional, design, you can be sure that vintage victorian fringe and bead lamp shade is will not be leaving the store.