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Dolan Designs Lamp Shades

Our designed shades are beneficial for a birthday, anniversary, valentine's day, or any other occasion! They're stylish and comfortable, making them sensational for any home décor, our products are made of 100% natural glass, ensuring your home always hunting new.

Cheap Dolan Designs Lamp Shades

Our walnut grove 1 light wall black - 915-50 shade design is best-in-the-class for adding a touch of elegance to your home décor, the light blue and brown shades are unique and straightforward to work with, while the deep black finish is superb for any room. This is a new, 1 light wall black walnut grove 1 light wall black, it is a beneficial corner lamp that will bring out the beauty in any room. It presents a smooth, finish to it and is produced of safe, high quality materials, our light glass dome shade is a peerless replacement for enthusiasts needing to care for their home this is an 915-50 walnut grove 1 light 15 inch black lantern with a white design. It is manufactured of brass and presents a black glass front, the light is on a white design lighted shade. It is left turned on, there is an 1-minute timer, and it is left unplugged.