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Bankers Lamp Shade

The Bankers lamp shade is a splendid substitute for a modern or outdated desk, it is stylish and looks great, yet is effective and comfortable to use. The shade is fabricated of glass and shade is produced of plastic, so it's both durable and reliable.

Green Glass Desk Lamp Shade

If you're struggled with finding a new green glass desk lamp shade, we've got just the thing! This lamp is our top-selling shade and first-rate for replacing any of our popular shades, choose our easy-to-use search form or see the available options in our full product specifications section. Our green glass desk lamp shade is a valuable surrogate to add a touch of luxury to your anchored desk, it's effortless to find the right shade for your needs and is outstanding for any environment. Looking for a new, traditional style Bankers desk lamp? Search no more than our green Bankers lamp shade! This shade is fabricated of natural wood and features a cool green color, it is enticing for any room in your home and will add a touch of luxury to each space. To replace the Bankers lamp shade, you will need to have a green glass banker in your office, you can find these workers in many businesses, because they often have a need for shade. Once you have obtained the shade, it is lastly to create a desk lamp using the sunlight in the office, this is a first-rate shade for your green glass lamp. It is a soft, golden emerald green and extends a few .