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Alabaster Lamp Shade

This shade is splendid for your next fan light fixture! It is a soft, off-white color with an ethereal look, it is likewise non-toxic and safe for use in areas with low environmental impact.

Alabaster Lamp Shade Walmart

This shade is manufactured of heavy angel-style alabaster, and is a first-class addition to your fans, it is furthermore mountable for later ons, making it a versatile shade for any lamp. This shade is manufactured with 6 ruffled edge glass globes and 6 shades, it is an 6 color shade range. The shade is fabricated with a quoizel logo, this two piece lamp shade is manufactured of metal and glass and as found on the inside. The metal gives some age and darkened over time, while the glass is more new and also presents some slight age blending in, this shade is inch-diameter by inch-diameter and is fabricated out of a soft, smooth, and alabaster-y material. It is a two-tone shade with a deep blue and green shade for light, the light is conjointly a little bit harder to find in color right now. But, i'm sure you'll admire the look of this shade! If you're wanting for a stylish shade to spruce up your home, be sure to analyze lamp shade! This designed with 8 x5 sconces or chandelier is practical for either a small or large room, plus, it comes with an 3 collar for a keep calm and look good done.